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Artificial sweeteners

Many of us have been told to reduce our sugar intake to prevent chronic health conditions such as Type II Diabetes, but for many that means replacing natural sugar with Non-Nutritive Sweeteners such as Equal or Nutrasweet (aspartame – food additive code 951). According to recent research published in “Nature” Journal, these artificial sweeteners may actually be driving the development of glucose intolerance by altering our gut microbiota and leaving us vulnerable to metabolic disease.

A link to the article abstract is available here:


Side effects from consuming large quantities of aspartame include:

  • bullet Poorly tummy or diarrhoea
  • bullet Hunger and cravings for sugar
  • bullet Mood swings
  • bullet Increased insulin production, which in turn can increase fat absorption, particularly around the stomach
  • bullet Broken sleep

Aspartame could have a greater impact on children, simply because the systems within their body are not as strong as ours. Their nervous system and vernacular system is not as strong as ours, and so the chemicals are much more easily absorbed into their body – meaning that these potentially dangerous chemicals could affect the chemical make-up of their brain. Some specialists believe that these chemicals can lead to a number of neurological problems, including autism, ADD and ADHD. We therefore recommend that you keep away from artificial sweetener while pregnant and breastfeeding.


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