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What to expect in a consultation

First appointment (approx. 1 hour)

Chris will conduct a thorough health history and nutritional assessment. You will be asked to provide copies of recent pathology tests if available and bring in your current supplements along with a list of prescribed medications. You may also be asked to bring along a diet diary.

Second appointment (approx. 20 minutes)

Chris will conduct a series of diagnostic health assessments, including Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis to assess your body composition, fat mass and hydration levels. Chris may refer you on to other health professionals for further testing (such as your GP) to further assess your biochemical, nutritional, hormonal or detoxification processes. Diagnostic testing can help identify the cause of your concern and stream-line treatment.

Third appointment

The is where we get down to work! Chris will present your personal treatment plan, including results of all tests and a strategy for achieving your health goals. She will provide a full list of dietary and lifestyle recommendations and supplements and a timeframe for your wellness solution. Longer term health goals will also be addressed.
The length of your treatment plan can depend on various factors including how long an illness or symptoms have been active, your age, current lifestyle choices and overall state of health. Every person is different so each treatment is prescribed to support you as an individual.

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